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Ghost Writing

By TaraM | September 4, 2015 |

Ghost Writing: Creating the perfect plan for your book!

Are you too busy to write your book? Tara can help! Tara works with busy people and entrepreneurs who need help writing a book. Not only will you receive a well-written book, Tara will create a custom book-marketing plan to help you sell your books. Here is a sample fiction story.


Nicholas Carter: Lost King of Forgotten Land

            Nicholas looked over at his mother, Francis, and rolled his eyes. Ferris wheels are for babies! He thought as he glared at all the families enjoying their time at Fun World. Reagan, his younger sister, grabbed his hand, and tugged him toward a small roller coaster. Samantha, the girl of his dreams, crossed his path. He stopped, watching her curly brown hair dance in the wind as her boyfriend, Owen, carried a giant teddy bear.

“Nicholas, you can’t take Reagan on that roller coaster! It’s too dangerous!” Francis snapped as she corralled her two children, nudging them to go in the opposite direction. Normally Nicholas would push his mother away, but this time he appreciated her overbearing attitude.

“What do you want to do, shorty?” he asked Reagan as he tracked Samantha’s movements out the corner of his eye.

“The Ferris wheel!” she shouted. He scanned the area, hoping to catch another glimpse of his teenage princess.

Nicholas nodded and watched Samantha disappear behind a cart filled with sweet smelling cotton candy. Staring into the sea of families, a small green laser crossed his eyes. He blinked sharply for a few seconds and he opened his eyes wide, searching for another view of his darling sweetheart.

“Earth to Nicholas! Reagan’s ready to get on the Ferris wheel!” Francis waved her long fingers in his face.

Nicholas brushed his mother’s hand away from him, “I heard you.” He hissed.

Reagan pulled him by his hand, her white sneakers kicking up small patches of brown dust as she led her brother forward. As they stood in the short line, Nicholas’s eyes carefully watched the giant wheel complete each rotation.

“Take care of her, Nicholas! She’s only eight!” Francis shouted before pulling her cell phone out of her lime green purse.

Reagan squeezed his hand, “Nick, don’t be mad at Mom. I want us to have a good day.”

Nicholas paid the ten tickets for the two of them to ride, “Come on. Let’s get this over with.”

Reagan climbed into the Ferris wheel first and patted the seat next to her. The ear-to-ear grin stretching across her face was impossible to resist. Nicholas smiled at his sister as he settled into the seat. The lap bar came down and Reagan grabbed his hand again.

“I’m scared, Nick.”

He patted the top of her head, “Don’t worry, shorty. Just close your eyes and count to ten.”

“How do you know that will help?”

He shrugged, “I used to do it when I got scared on rides.”

“Will you do it with me?” she asked.

He grinned, “Sure.” Reagan closed her eyes and the ride slowly climbed towards the sky.

The wind kicked up Nicholas’s long blonde hair as he closed his eyes. The sounds of the whining gears put his troubled teenage mind on edge. Final exams, graduation, rejection letters from colleges, the concerns continued to pile up in his mind. Francis made it very clear that the Army was his only option if he didn’t get into a decent college.

“I just wish I could get away, even if it’s just for the day.” Nicholas whispered to himself. Pressing his eyelids together tightly, he repeated the words over and over, praying for a miracle to occur. Another green flash crossed his face, barely recognizable behind his heavy lids. A tingling energy traveled up his arms and through his entire body, bringing him instant relaxation. He took a deep breath and exhaled slowly.

He lightly lifted his eyelids. He grabbed his chest firmly and attempted to keep himself calm. A tall, red man towered over him, holding a corn husk pipe in his mouth. Nicholas jumped up to his feet and dusted the orange colored sand from his black pants.

“Welcome back!” the man shouted as he motioned for Nicholas to follow him into the shimmery gold forest. Nicholas looked around, accepting that he was no longer on the Ferris wheel.



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