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Tara Majuta

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Welcome to Taramajutabooks.com! As a creative writer and entrepreneur, Tara lives her passion and purpose everyday through writing! She believes words are the most powerful way we can convey exactly who we are and what we stand for. Tara encourages others by empowering them to live their purpose and beliefs through the written word. Whether you are looking for creative web content or someone to help you bring a story to life, Tara is here to serve you. Stay inspired, positive and #MakeBelieve your dreams! ~Tara Majuta Books

Creatve Writing Services

  • Content Writing



    Ghost Writing and Book Marketing: When you hire a ghost writer you should walk away with a well-written, marketable book. As a storyteller and entrepreneur, Tara has created a unique method for ghost writing and book marketing . She puts her head and heart into using words to tell a compelling story while putting together an amazing marketing plan to help you sell your work. 


    Creative Web Content: Your website and online content should be creative and powerful. Tara specializes in building a core brand message for your website and social media. With Tara's help, your web content will be consistent across all boards. Elevate your pitch and feel more confident with the exact words that share what you do! 


    Consulting: Writing a book is both rewarding and challenging. Tara can help you reach your writing goals through extensive brainstorming and an exciting discovery process! Tara's heart and focus lies in making sure that your story is conveyed to your readers as a direct reflection of you!

    If you're interested in setting up a complementary consultation, please contact her below!



  • Saving the Whales

    Captive Orcas and other marine animals need our help. I watched a documentary showing the mistreatment of these magnificent animals, realizing enough is enough! These wonderful creatures belong with their families, out in the wild.


    Many have joined the fight, encouraging our law makers to free these animals and protect those out in the wild. I've decided to use my writing craft to help fight too.

    For every copy of "The Fascinating Files of Claudia Broadstad" sold, $1 is donated to savethewhales.org. Buy a book and go to their website to learn more ways to help these amazing creatures!

    Thank you for purchasing my book and contributing to a cause that is near and dear to my heart.

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Feel free to schedule a free consultation below, just fill out the contact form. One of my passions is educating and metoring aspiring entrepreneurs in building their dream into a reality! #MakeBelieve


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